AB Active After School Activity Database

Hundreds of activities that you can sort by age, skill, time duration, play area, and group size! This activity database will provide you with a great place to build more physical activity into your daily programming.

Apply the strategy  below to make the games/activities in the database your own and to ensure inclusive participation where everyone feels free, has fun and finds unique success!

Creativity - with equipment, game play, space

Holistic - do what feels good for your heart, body and mind

On your own, with a partner or with a small group

Individualize -  choice & everyone is involved

Clock - time limits or open-ended, flexible pace

Effort - cheer individual effort & progress

To further support inclusive environments in your program consider using Ever Active Schools’ All About Me Sheets with your participants. These worksheets can support you to gain a better understanding of the preferences, strengths and goals of your participants to best support their full and meaningful participation. Download these worksheets here.

Have an activity to add?

Submit an activity to us using the form provided. If it's a good fit, we'll add it to our bank!