Dinosaur Tag

Skill: Dodge, Hop, Jump, Run, Skip
Time Required: 15
Activity Type: Physical
Group Size: Large Group, Medium Group, Small Group
Age Group: 6 - 9yrs, 9 - 12yrs
Play area: Gymnasium (large indoor space), Outdoor - Field
Safety Considerations: Remove any safety hazards and obstacles from the play area.
Remind participants to be aware of their surroundings and to keep their head up.
Equipment: 4 cones per team (teams of around 4-5 participants each).
Pinnies (1 colour for each team).
For participants and teams to avoid getting tagged when they are not "it". If they are tagged, they have to go to their home and do the designated exercise.
Other Skills:
Set up:
Divide participants into four equal teams, or teams of 4-5 participants. Assign each a dinosaur: T-Rex, Stegosaurus, Triceratops and Raptor and give each team different coloured pinnies.
Use the outside lines of a gym as boundaries, or use cones/rope to set up the boundaries.
Set up a home for each team by creating a square using 4 pylons on the outside of the play area. Each pylon in the square should be around 10-15 feet away from the other pylons (See attached pdf document as an example for the set up).
Step by Step:
1. Have all participants and teams start in their homes.
2. The leader will decide which team will start as "it".
3. The leader, or the whole group decides on the exercise that participants will have to do when they're tagged.
4. They'll have to go back to their own home to do the activity.
5. Example of activities: Hop on one foot from one pylon to another 10 tops, gallop from one pylon and to another and back 10 times, do 15 jumping jacks inside their home, 10 star jumps inside their home, 10 push ups etc.
6. Once they do the exercise, they can return to the game.
7. When an exercise is decided upon, then the game can begin.
8. Have the team that is "it" standing in the centre.
9. On the word 'Go', all participants have to leave their home, and run around the area.
10. If they are tagged by anyone on the "it" team, then they have to go back to their home and do the designated exercise.
11. Play for a set amount of time, then change the team that is "it".
Can use countries, cities, Disney characters, zoo animals, planets etc. instead of dinosaurs.
Each square will be a jail. When the "it" team tags participants, the tagged participant has to go to that team's jail. Have them do an exercise, or have them wait until another participant is tagged (not one of their team mates) and they play rock, paper, scissors. The winner returns to the game.

Adaptations (General):
Try to choose exercise activities which correspond with the strengths of all participants. Any form of tag will be challenging for many participants with a disability. Encourage them to participate to the extent that they can, emphasizing safety first.
Sources: Developed for the Leisure Information Network.
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