Leader Change

Time Required: 15
Activity Type: Physical, Transition
Group Size: Large Group, Medium Group, Small Group
Age Group: 6 - 9yrs, 9 - 12yrs
Play area: Classroom (small indoor space), Gymnasium (large indoor space), Outdoor - Field
Safety Considerations: The area is clear of any obstacles or hazards.
If a participant can't do an action, have them do a lower difficulty of that action.
Equipment: None
For the participants to imitate the actions of the leader, without speaking, and give the participants the opportunity to lead the group.
Set up:
Designate one participant from the group to be the leader.
Step by Step:
1. The participant designated as the leader will do any action they choose (jumping, clapping, spinning...), without speaking and the other participants must imitate that action.
2. As the participants continue to move around, without speaking, the leader must wink or, alternatively, communicate with another participant to let them know that they are the new leader.
3. This new leader will then start to direct the participants around doing their own actions.
4. Continue to play until all of the participants have gotten a chance to be the leader.
5. Ask participants at the end out they felt about being the leader? How did it make them feel?
To incorporate fitness, tell the participants to lead with physical activities only (running, skipping, jumping etc...)
Allow the leader to say the activity they are doing.
Have a set amount of time or actions for each leader to complete before they switch leaders.

Adaptations (General):
Encourage participant leaders to initiate activities which play to the strengths of all participants.

Adaptations (Blindness/Visual Impairment):
Given that participants who are blind or visually impaired may not be able to visually register and imitate the actions of the leader, ensure that these participants themselves have an opportunity to lead. Have a guide communicate or assist these participants in immitating the actions of other leaders.
Sources: Developed for the Leisure Information Network