Folded Paper Square Creation

Skill: Hop, Jump, Run, Walk
Time Required: 30
Activity Type: Creative Art, Physical
Group Size: Individual, Large Group, Medium Group, Small Group
Age Group: 6 - 9yrs, 9 - 12yrs, 13+ yrs
Play area: Classroom (small indoor space), Gymnasium (large indoor space)
Safety Considerations: Beware of paper cuts!
Remind participants of scissor safety.
Equipment: Folded Paper Square Creation templates (please see attached document for a template, examples, and a blank copy).
Or use plain pieces of paper (if using 8.5"x11", then fold one corner up to the opposite side of the page, and cut off the extra paper at the top in order to create a square).
Participants create their own folded paper square games, and can write in their own exercises, questions, math problems, and so on.
Fundamental Skills depend on if exercises are selected, and what exercises are selected.
Set up:
Print off a blank copy for each participant, or a template with only some of the sections filled in.
Have scissors, and other materials prepared.
Step by Step:
1. Participants will create their very own Folded Paper Square Creation.
2. Please see the attached Word document for a template of this creation with instructions on how to make/fold it, and how to play, and a also find a blank template and more examples attached.
3. Participants could also start with a blank piece of paper (take a 8.5"x11" piece of paper, fold one corner up to the other side of the paper, and cut the extra paper on top to create a square).
4. Participants will follow the instructions on how to fold and create the paper square (attached Word document), and then write in their own content for each section. Please use the template as a guide for where to write what.
5. Please see the other attached document for examples of what can be written in each section.
6. Participants could write down exercises for other participants to do, math equations, questions about a subject (and write the answers below), questions to ask participants (use this as an ice breaker), and so on.
7. Participants could colour in the coloured sections, draw pictures, and colour in their creation how they wish.
8. Allow participants to be creative with their questions, content, and colouring.
9. Play the game as a whole group, in small groups, or in pairs.
10. Enjoy!
The leader could create one of the paper game creations, and each participant/small group will play, and they will have to do the exercise as a group, figure out the answer as a group, and so on.
Sources: Developed for the Leisure Information Network.
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