Hoop Skee Ball

Skill: Kick, Throw
Time Required: 20
Activity Type: Physical
Group Size: Large Group, Medium Group, Small Group
Age Group: 6 - 9yrs, 9 - 12yrs
Play area: Gymnasium (large indoor space), Outdoor - Field
Safety Considerations: Remove any safety hazards and obstacles from the activity area.
Remind participants to be aware of their surroundings and to keep their head up.
Equipment: Hoops
Pylons, beanbags, frisbees (to put in hoops to designate different points), or use different coloured hoops to represent different points.
Tennis Ball, beanbag, soccer ball or another object to use as the object participants will try to get into the hoops.
Participants roll, bounce, throw, or kick an object towards the hoops that are placed throughout the activity.
Set up:
Please see the attached document for an example of the set up.
Select a line on the ground, or use a rope or another object to set up the throwing/rolling/kicking line.
Put hoops throughout the majority of the activities space. Select the objects that will be in each hoop and the amount of points they represent, and place those in the hoops. For example; a beanbag in a hoop makes the hoop worth 10 points, a pylon in a hoop makes it worth 20 points, a frisbee makes it worth 30 points, and a birdie makes it worth 50 points (make the hoops worth more further away).
Step by Step:
1. Participants get into groups of 3-4.
2. One participant from each group will go at once.
3. The goal is to get the object to land in, or at least roll in and out of a hoop.
4. Depending on the object used, the rules will be a bit different.
5. If using a tennis ball:
- Bouncing: Participants try to get the tennis ball to bounce one time before bouncing in a hoop. If it bounces one time before bouncing in a hoop, they get the full amount of points for that hoop. If it lands directly in the hoop, they get half the points. Bounces more than once before landing in the hoop, then no points are awarded.
- Throwing or Rolling: The tennis ball has to stop in a hoop to get the points for that hoop. If the ball rolls through one hoop, but stops in another, then they get points for the second hoop.
- Hint: The objects in the hoops can be used to help the ball stop.
- Beanbag: Participants will throw a beanbag and it has to land directly in a hoop in order to get those points.
- Soccer Ball: Participants will kick a soccer ball, and it has to stop in a hoop in order to get those points. Or, if it rolls in and out, then they get half the points.
- The first group to get a set amount of points wins.
Optional rules:
- If two groups gets their object in/through the same hoop, only the first group to get there will get points.
- Participants have to hit the object in the hoop (beanbag, pylon, frisbee...) in order to get the points.
- Don't have any objects in the hoop, and each hoop will be worth the same amount.
- Place a basketball at the very back of the area; if a participant hits the basketball they get 80 points.
- If a ball rolls through one hoop and lands in another hoop, they only get points (or don't get points) for the first hoop.
- When a participant gets points for a hoop, take that hoop out of play. Play until there are no hoops left.
Use pylons instead of hoops, and participants have to knock down the pylons.

Sources: Developed for the Leisure Information Network.
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