Hula Hoop Baseball

Skill: Run, Throw
Time Required: 30
Activity Type: Physical
Group Size: Large Group, Medium Group
Age Group: 6 - 9yrs, 9 - 12yrs, 13+ yrs
Play area: Gymnasium (large indoor space), Outdoor - Field
Safety Considerations: Remind participants to not stand near the hula hoops when participants are throwing.
Remind participants on base to watch the thrower, so they can always see where the beanbag/ball is going.
Remove any obstacles or hazards in the play area.
Equipment: Hula hoops (15-20)
Bean bags
Pieces of paper that say 'single, 'double', 'triple', 'homerun', 'strike', 'out' or objects that represent each action.
Bases or pylons.
For teams to score as many runs by throwing beanbags into hula hoops that represent different hits in baseball.
Other Skills:
Set up:
Divide the group into 2 teams.
Designated a 'home plate', first base, second base and third base using pylons or actual bases.
Have hula hoops placed, so that they are all touching, starting around 6 metres away from home plate.
In each hula hoop, have a piece of paper that says: single, double, triple, homerun, strike and out (have more outs than any other one). Could also use an object in each hoop to designate which action it is, a tennis ball could mean a single and a skipping rope could be a triple etc.
Step by Step:
The group is divided into two equal teams.
Set up the bases, and the hula hoops.
Each hula hoop will represent a single, double, triple, homerun, strike and out (have more outs). Could have a piece of paper in each hoop that says what each hoop represents, or an object in each hoop that represents each action.
One member of each team plays rock, paper, scissors to decide who will 'bat' first, or the leader can choose.
The team to bat first will all line up near home plate. The other team will stand on the side lines doing an exercise, tossing a ball/bean bag to eachother or anything to keep them moving.
The first participant for the team at bat, will take a beanbag and throw it toward the hoops. Whichever hoop their bean bag lands in determines what they will do. If it lands in a hoop that says 'single', then they will run to first base.
The next participant throws a bean bag to the hoops, if it lands in 'double', then they will run to second, and the participant who was on first base, will run to third base.
If the bean bag lands in hula hoop that says 'strike', then that participants throws again, if they get 3 strikes, they are out.
Keep track of how many runs they score.
Continue this until all participants in the team have gone, or they get 3 outs.
Then the next team is up to bat and the other team is on the sidelines doing an exercise or playing catch.
Play for a designated amount of time, or for a certain amount of at bats for each team.
Have different coloured hula hoops, and each colour represents a single, double, triple, homerun, out and strike.
Move the hula hoops closer or further away from home plate.
Have them spaced out, and if the bean bag does not land in a hula hoop, then that is a strike or out.
If playing outside, participants can throw an actual baseball or softball.
Have pylons set up amongst the hula hoops, and if a participant knocks down a pylon, then that is a home run.
Sources: Developed for the Leisure Information Network