Pylon Obstacles (Hockey)

Skill: Run, Strike
Time Required: 20
Activity Type: Physical
Group Size: Large Group, Medium Group, Small Group
Age Group: 6 - 9yrs, 9 - 12yrs, 13+ yrs
Play area: Gymnasium (large indoor space)
Safety Considerations: Remove any safety hazards and obstacles from the play area.
Remind participants to be aware of their surroundings and to keep their head up when they're going through the pylon obstacles.
Remind participants to collect their beanbags quickly.
Remind participants to run around the pylon obstacles.
Remind participants to keep the stick on the ground.
Equipment: 1 hockey stick per participant, or one per team.
Tennis Balls.
Beanbags or tennis balls.
For participants to stick handle the ball through the pylon obstacle course and hit a pylon on the end to get the prize on top.
Other Skills:
Set up:
Scatter pylons around the middle of the gym, and make sure there is enough room between each pylon for participants to stick handle with a ball.
On one end of the gym, place pylons in a horizontal line and put a beanbag or tennis ball on top of each one. Put pylons on the side of the gym or use a rope to mark off an area that is about 10-15 feet away from those pylons, this is the "shooting line".
Participants will all start on the other end of the gym behind the "starting line". Use cones/rope to set up the starting line, or use a line at the end of the gym.
Please see the attached pdf. document for an example of the set up.
Divide participants into groups of 4-5 participants.
Step by Step:
1. Participants line up in their groups behind the starting line. Ensure the teams are spread out and not standing too close to one another.
2. Give a hockey stick and tennis ball to each participant that is at the front of their group's line.
3. On the word "go", those participants will stick handle their ball through the pylon obstacles until they reach the "shooting line".
4. They will "shoot" the ball from that line and try to hit one of the pylons.
5. If they hit one of the pylons, they get to take the beanbag that was on top of it and bring it back to their group. The leader will put another beanbag on top of that pylon.
6. They run back to their group by going around the pylon obstacles. They give the hockey stick and tennis ball to the next participant in line. They also place the beanbag in an area next to their group.
7. If they miss the pylon, then they run back to their group using the outside boundaries and give the hockey stick and tennis ball to the next participant in line.
8. After each participant has gone 3-5 times (up to the leader), then the round is over.
9. The team who collected the most beanbags, wins!
10. Remind participants to hold onto the stick with two hands, and to keep the blade on the ground.
If a participant hits a pylon with their stick or ball when they're going through the pylons obstacles, then they have to go back to their group and give the hockey stick and tennis ball to the next participant in line.
There are no beanbags added to the pylons when they are taken. The game is over when all the beanbags are gone.
Don't have the cones at the end, just have participants practice stick handling around pylons.
Place tennis balls on pylons in the pylon obstacles. If a participant knocks one off, then they have to pick it up and put it back on top before they can continue.
Do this activity using a soccer ball, or kicking a tennis ball.

Adaptations (General):
Consider having participants with a disability, who may have difficulty navigating through the pylons, shoot directly from the shooting line.
Sources: Developed for the Leisure Information Network.
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